Top 10 Best Free Online Music Streaming Sites

Free music streaming sites

free online music streaming sites
free online music streaming sites

If you are a music lover, free music streaming sites can help you enjoy your favorite music anywhere. Whether you want to learn any topic online, shop online or listen to music online, you can do it with ease and mobility. You only need an Internet connection and a mobile device (smartphone or laptop) to stream music online. Without problems, you can listen to your favorite song online. Now you don’t need to search for any song downloads to save them to your smartphone or computer. You can stream the music online. It is good to save your data related to your favorite music on your memory card, pen-drive, hard drive for offline use. But now you don’t need to carry your memory card to listen to music. Internet has changed the way you listen to music on the go. Music can really improve your mood in a short time. Then you should listen to good music. But do you know the best free online music streaming websites?

There are some high quality music streaming sites that are the best for music lovers.

List of free online music streaming websites

What is the best website to listen to free music online? Below is the list of sites that offers free music streaming.

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1. Pandora

Pandora is a music streaming service and automated music recommendation. It was founded in 2000 and based in Oakland, California, USA. UU. Only users in Australia, New Zealand and the United States can access your service. Allows you to select music by genre. After listening, you can give positive or negative feedback. It provides service based on two subscription plans: free and paid. Free accounts include ads. The Pandora mobile application is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. It can also be played on devices such as WD TV, Roku, Google TV, Xbox One, Blue-ray players and more.

2. Mixcloud

At Mixcloud, you can listen to DJ mixes, podcasts and radio shows. Registered users are allowed to upload the musical content. With Mixcloud mobile app, you can listen to your favorite mixes or podcasts anywhere.


DI means Digital Imported. Here you can listen to various types of electronic music on 91 channels. In 2010, it was also awarded as the best global radio station. It works with free and premium accounts. In the Premium account, audio quality will be better without ads.

4. Mixcloud

In Mixcloud, you can listen to DJ mixes, podcasts and radio shows. Registered users can upload music content. With the Mixcloud mobile app, you can listen to your favorite mixes or podcasts anywhere.

5. Deezer

Deezer is a music streaming site based in Paris, France. You can access their service on web platforms, Android, OS X, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian. In your free account, you will see ads with six hops per hour and without scrubbing. Your paid subscriptions also support offline mode and improved audio quality.

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6. 8tracks

Here you can create a free account and listen to user-created mixes or you can create your own mixes. In fact it is an internet radio service. After creating your own mixes, you can share them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It also has a mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

7. Saavn

You can listen to Bollywood and English music here at But you can also enjoy regional Indian music. It offers free music streaming with advertising. Saavn mobile applications are also available for Android and iOS. It allows you to share any song or album with your friends.

8.Slacker Radio

Slack Radio is a free music streaming service that is available in the US. UU. And Canada. You can use their service from your website and mobile applications. It offers a basic free account with features like music streaming, skipping up to 6 songs per hour, craft radio station and creating your own stations. You can opt for a paid account, if you don’t want to see ads.

9. is another popular free music streaming site which provides providing free and licensed music. It was launched in 2010. If you want to listen to Indian music than is one of the best place for music streaming. Internal Music can also be listened at You can listen to music in various Indian regional languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and more. You can stream from this site via their mobile apps.


SoundCloud is a popular audio streaming website. The company is headquartered is Berlin, Germany. Here you can listen to some of best music from various artist worldwide. Listening to music is free at SoundCloud and without any limitation. If you want to share your musical talent with world than you can upload your original music here and also promote it on social networking websites.

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11. Jango

Jango is most popular you can also listen to world radio stations . uses its music recommendation system to create the user’s profile based on the type of music they listen to. Free accounts can access all their functions. Your paid accounts include some of the notable additional features, such as no ads, discounts,


Above lists are provided after checking each site potential and speed and user experience , hope you people like it

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