36 applications that Google has removed from the Play Store so far this year and that you should remove

36 applications that Google has removed from the Play Store

As time goes by, so does technology. There are good and bad aspects of technology. Today, cybercrime is also increasing with the help of this technology. That is why you should always be careful. Even the protection of the smartphone you use is important.

In this situation, Google has taken important measures to protect the Android phone. 38 apps have been removed from Play Store at once. Google claims that malware is attacking smartphones through all of these applications. This step is to stop it. These apps have been removed step by step from July to October.

If an app violates Play Store policy or if an app contains malware, especially Joker malware, Google removes it. The same has happened with these 36 applications. But for nothing, the apps have been removed step by step since July. In July, Google removed 11 apps that contained Joker malware. Then, in early September, six apps were removed. And at the end of it all, 18 more apps were removed in October. Each of these contained malware. As a result, personal information could be leaked, just like smartphones could be damaged.

The 36 apps that have been removed from the Google Play Store: 7
1. Princess Salon (rinPrincess Salon) 7
2.6 Coloring Numbers 6
3.6 Cats and Cosplay 6
4.6 All good PDF scanner
5.7 Mint Leaf Message (int Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message) 6
6.8 Unique Keyboard (niUnique Keyboard – Free Stylish Fonts and Emoticons).
6.6 Tangram 6 app crash
6. Direct Message (irectDirect Messenger) 7
9. Private SMS (vatePrivate SMS) 7
10. One-sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator.
11. Style Photo Collage (tyStyle Photo Collage) 7
12. Meticulous scanner 7
13. Desire Translate 6
14. Talent Photo Editor (alentTalent Photo Editor – Blur) 6
15. Attention message 6
16. Part Message (artPart Message) 7
17. Paper Document Scanner (aperPaper Doc Scanner) 6
18. Blue scanner (lBlue scanner) 7

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19. Hummingbird PDF Converter (photo to PDF).
20. Every good PDF scanner (‌ Every good PDF scanner) 7
21. com.imagecompress.android
22. com.relax.relaxation.androidsms
23. com.file.recovefiles
24. com.training.memorygame
25. Push Message (ushPush Message- Text Messages and SMS) 7
26. Fingertip GameBox 6
26. com.contact.withme.texts
26. com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different instances)
29. com.LPlocker.lockapps
30. Security application lock (afSafety AppLock) 7
31. Emoji Wallpaper (‌Emoji Wallpaper) 7
32. com.hmvoice.friendsms
33. com.peason.lovinglovemessage
34. com.remindme.alram
35. Convenient Scanner 2 (in Convenient Scanner 2) 7
36. Separate Document Scanner (ep Separate Document Scanner) 7

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