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#HOME Watch and download Malayalam Movie 2021 Amazon Prime release


#HOME download Malayalam Movie, Home is a Malayalam comedy-drama film, directed by Rojin Thomas. The film stars Vijay Babu, Sreenath Bhasi, and Srikant Murali in the lead roles. Home is a production by Vijay Babu himself and the music of Rahul Subrahmanian. The film has its camera directed by Neil D’Cuncha.

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Indrans plays a father who wants to be a smartphone wizard, so unlike the time he spends with loved ones, he can be the companion of two growing children who are more passionate about spending time on their phones. #HOME Watch and download Malayalam Movie

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technology and social media are not comfortable for me in real life. What really attracted me to the #home was that it highlights the generation gap between parents and children. The film is a simple and contemporary film about the most relevant issue facing families today; For a father who is trying to be his best friend and part of his world, in this case, technology, overcoming some obstacles, “Indrans said.

The trailer offers a part of a life drama about the challenges of modern parenting. It also seems to reflect how technology is rebuilding our lives in every way imaginable, especially the way we interact with our environment.

Srinath Bhasi, who played Indrans’ eldest son in this movie, said: “This house will make you question the importance and attention we give to our relationships. It transcends the technology that our parents grapple with. This broad thinking about history is extremely fascinating”.


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Apart from the main cast, the film also stars Manju Pillai, Nalsan, Kainakari Thankaraj, KPAC Lalitha, Srikanth Murali, Johnny Antony, Pauly Wilson, Maniyan Pillai Raju, Anoop Menon, Aju Varghese and Kiran Aravindakshan. . , Picture, Priyanka Nair.

Explaining how the creators aim to highlight a socially relevant subject through the lens of the film’s characters, Vijay Babu, who plays one of the heroes of #Home, said in a statement: Carefully crafted and flawlessly presented, Vijay Babu is also the producer of the excellent Family Watch, which will create it.

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#HOME  Movie Review

Oliver has a diary of things to do when he gets help from his youngest son to ‘set up’ a new smartphone. From WhatsApp to paying electricity bills over the phone, the old Oliver wants to learn everything about baldness and glasses. The scene is from a new Malayalam movie on Amazon Prime called Home, but it may not be very unfamiliar to most families with older people trying to learn the ways of a new world from uninterested youngsters. Oliver’s younger son said impatiently, “Daddy is gone” – oh, stop, Daddy.

Indrans, who started doing comedy in the 1990s, later took on serious roles and played the role of Oliver. Oliver Twist is complete. It is named after the father of this great typist (Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist) who translated the works of many writers. He could not get those characters out of his head and gave their children their names, ”Indrans said in an interview with TNM.Indrans is immersed in the movie, you might say. He enthusiastically talks about the theme of the film and the characters. “This is what I experience in life. I’m not technically savvy or my character. It was easy for me to portray the character. I think it happens in most homes and everyone can relate to it,” he says.

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When that role came to him, he had nothing to think about, he says. “I accept every film that comes my way, but I take it very seriously. It’s a character I have never received, it has a great message, its director (Rojin Thomas) and producer (Vijay Babu) are the people who make the best films,” Indrans says with his famous natural humility. . .

He has made it a habit to appear in well-produced films in recent years and has been praised for his performance in those films. A few years ago, when Indrans won the state award for best actor for his role as an adult ‘old man’, critics said it was too late but deserved recognition. He fully portrays the conflict-ridden father whose son goes missing years later and becomes a married trans woman. Over the years, he proves himself again and again – among them the Buddha’s grandfather, the chaplain of Mundrothur, the main character in the laughter, and the evicted dalit family in Veilamarang, who gave him the red carpet. The cast of the film at the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival.

“I like serious and funny characters as long as they stay true, characters that remind me of some real life you know. It doesn’t matter if it’s comedy or serious or positive or negative. I would say comedy is easy to do,” Indrans says.

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At home, it’s a mixture of seriousness and humor – but the “pain” he says only gives you very little. This is a pretty interesting movie. At the end of the day it didn’t make him a technician, but it taught him that it was important to learn more technology. “I know both sides of the story. If I’m addicted to it, I do not even have time to read a book, but I know from experience that it will come to your aid in an emergency.

#HOME Watch and download Malayalam Movie

Indrans still carries a basic mobile phone and still does not have WhatsApp. Like the son in the movie, his son has tried many times to teach him. “I think he’s finally given up, he’s not talking about it,” Indrans says with a soft laugh.


In the film, Srinath Bhasi and Nazlan are his two sons and Manju Pillai’s wife. “Everything was so fun, I didn’t want to leave the team. I wish Srinath and Nazlan were my kids in real life. They were all great with Manju’s specialties,” Indrans says.

The only sad thing is that because of the Kovid-19 pandemic, they all had to keep their distance from each other through filming. They still enjoyed their jokes, but they could not get along with each other as usual, Indrans Vashi.

Srinath Bhasi and Indra at home

He doesn’t mind doing the old dad characters he says, they’re closer to his real age. Sometimes they are older than his actual age, but that is not difficult, Indrans adds. But being the hero of a movie is a kind of stress. Lately he has been doing it consistently – taking everything in a way that only Indrans can do and presenting a lead and then doing a small role. You wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly plays a cop in a big movie (like the serious cop in Malik or the comic in Janamaithri). It’s easy for him to portray a full-fledged character who makes you cry or laugh, and the power seems to be entirely in Indrans ’hands.

“When it’s an expert production and direction, you know that if you have their support, the film is in safe hands and it will come out well. If it’s not in theaters, it’s good at film festivals. There are some fears.

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