100+ Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download [Netflix, Amazon Prime,Ullu, Alt balaji, Hotstar, etc.] | Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download in 2021

100+ Best Telegram Channels For Web Series [Netflix, Amazon Prime,Ullu, Alt balaji, Hotstar, etc.] | Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download 2021 Updated May 2021

Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download Looking for Telegram channels for web series? We have written more than  channels here that provide the latest and newest web series on Telegram for free. You can download them instantly using your Telegram program on PC and mobile devices. Most of the channels featured here are always uploading hot web series,  alt Balaji shows, and more. Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download .

free indian web series download
free indian web series download telegram channel 2021

Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download

All of these leading Telegram channels for web series offer the latest and updated web series from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, YouTube, and many other platforms. Here you can find all the latest movies and web series downloads. If you like watching movies, don’t forget to check out the list of movie channels. Best Telegram Channels

Those who want Netflix Series, Amazon Prime Web Series, TV Series, etc. should join the channels we have shown in this article. All of these channels provide direct download links or direct downloads to the channel for easy download. Some of these channels also offer you a discussion group where members can request a web series. Be sure to check out the Netflix telegram channels where all the real Netflix is ​​available.

Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download March 2021

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Here are some of the Best Telegram Channels For Web Series:

Channel Name Join Link
Latest Web Series  Join Channel
Ullu Web Series  Join Channel
Fliz Movies Telegram  Join Channel
Panchayat  Join Channel
Dark Web Series  Join Channel
Netflix Series  Join Channel
Alt Balaji Web Series  Join Channel
Fliz Movie Series  Join Channel
Amazon Prime Video HD  Join Channel
Mastram Series  Join Channel
Netflix Hindi Web Series HD  Join Channel
iNetFlix Xpress  Join Channel
Prime Originals  Join Channel
Popular Web Series  Join Channel
Web Films  Join Channel
Netflix Hindi Web Series Movies  Join Channel
Netflix Movies Web Series Hindi  Join Channel
AmazonPrimeHD  Join Channel
Prime video HD  Join Channel
Zee5 Web Series  Join Channel
Zee5 Originals  Join Channel
Dirty Web Series  Join Channel
Amazon Prime Video HD  Join Channel
Web Series  Join Channel
Prime HD  Join Channel
Web Series Hub India?  Join Channel
Mirzapur Web Series  Join Channel
Movie Series ?  Join Channel
Series Gangster  Join Channel
Money Heist  Join Channel
Web Series HD  Join Channel
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Best Telegram Channels For  Web Series download latest

TV Series Arena Channel


Subscribers: 73K+

Download the latest TV series/Shows from Telegram’s leading TV series channel. Look up for your favorite show from the tons of collections.

A very good community with a huge number of popular and new TV and Web series. New episodes are added every day and are usually faster than on other channels with TV serials.

Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download
Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download

The Movie Brain Channel


Subscribers: 51K+

Huge community with over 50K+ users.

It updates with dozens of new stuff each day and the database is huge. You can find almost anything here.

One of the biggest databases with Hollywood Movies and TV series on Telegram.

Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download
Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download

AM series Channel


Subscribers: 7.8K+

Another good Telegram community with big archive of TV series to watch or download.

Information about Web series is standard: a brief description, rating, genre, release date, starring and so on.


Subscribers: 16K+

One of the biggest Telegram channels with Netflix TV series. There you can find information about TV serials (IMDB Rating, Genre, Language, etc) download links and other useful content. Very convenient channel navigation and useful links.

Amazon Prime Video Netflix Hotstar Channel


Subscribers: 12000+

Official channel’s description: In This Channel You Can Download All Web Series And TV Show HD Free. Web Series In this Channel Are Also Available Other Original Audio And English Subtitle.

Our review

@PRIMEVIDEO10 is one of the best and biggest Telegram channels with Amazon Prime and Netflix Video content. Information about Serial, episode, audio language, subtitle, genre and quality. A lot of Malayam and Hindi movies.


TV Series Arcade Channel


Subscribers: 1.7K+

For Series Lovers. For any queries or series contact @Erik_Lahnsher.

A small community with an interesting selection of TV and Web series. I also recommend add it to the list. There are unique series that you cannot find in other telegram channels.

1. The entire Web Series

This channel provides all kinds of web series from various platforms. Includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Alt Balaji, and other popular TV series. What I really liked about this channel is that they offer a group where anyone can request their favorite web series. It really is a useful feature if your favorite program can be added to the channel. The latest web series they download to download Betaal web series, Pataal lok, and more.

web phone leading channels
They offer downloads from 3-rd party web services because Telegram blocks channels that send files to the channel directly. We strongly recommend that you join the channel as the requested web series is downloaded within a few hours.


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2. iNetFlix Xpress

NetFlix Xpress is one of the biggest fans of the Netflix web series. There is a list of awesome web programs on Netflix. Now the problem with membership costs. Yes, most of us cannot afford a subscription. But don’t worry, if you can’t subscribe to it you can still watch it by uploading it. Using this channel, members can download movies from Telegram for free. That’s because they also upload some good quality movies.

inetflix series
On this Telegram channel, they regularly download download links for web series. And you can easily download the latest Netflix web show. The most important point is that we only load high quality links. Be sure to join other channels and groups promoted to the channel as you will open access to the most useful content.

3. Prime Primeals

The first Prime Minister is the Amazon Prime webcams channel. Not only are people addicted to Netflix, but there is a great need for Amazon Prime’s web show. That’s because Amazon Prime is also producing some of the top series. The Mirzapur Web Series is one of the best examples of this. Fans are crazy about the new release of programs on the podium.

the main real
That’s why we’ve created a separate Amazon Prime web shows channel. You will find the same and faster service on the same channel as the above channel with higher download links.


4. Popular Web Series

The number of smartphone users worldwide today exceeds three billion and is expected to grow by several hundred million in the next few years. And these billions of people not only watch Netflix and Amazon Prime but there are many other online platforms that also broadcast different types of other web series like Ullu, ALT Balaji, Zee5, etc.

a popular web series
These platforms are geographically based methods limited to a particular area or type. And yet, they have a large audience base. So we decided to create a separate Telegram channel for these web applications.


5. Gangster series

List of Telegram Web Series channels, this is the fourth channel that has created crime web-based web shows. As the explosion of the web series escalated, it became apparent that gangster or crime-based web shows had created their viewers.

a series of gangs
Demand for this web series had increased. So, here again we think why not and we should also build a separate Telegram Channel for web-based crime shows.


6. Web Films

On this Telegram channel, we put download links for web movies. In recent times we have seen that creators have shown an interest in web films. You may also see that many movies are published directly on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu platforms. It is a new strategy for many movie theaters to gain more popularity with viewers from all over the world.

To get to this channel get high quality Web Films download links. Useful information and updates related to web films, such as the latest Extraction release, etc. It can be found within the channel. That’s how you’ll always be updated about all the popular movies on the various platforms.



Why Is the Web Series So Popular?

In the last one year, there has been a huge increase in the production of web series. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have begun the process of creating a web series. Now two things when the audience is attracted to a web series give away something that is not allowed TV and the second point is that most of the web series broadcast all episodes of the web series.

Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download

Before the web series, people had customized their favorite TV show, but with the web series, people were free to watch their favorite program when they were free without ads. As I said above that the web series offers something that TV does not allow. Everyday soap is very full of emotions and melodramas but the one thing you find in the web series is pure related content.

The Web series is very concerned about social issues and having content related to our daily lives. And this is yet another reason for its worldwide success. Many creators also feel that online platforms give them extra space to bring something that shouldn’t be broadcast on T.V.

Most web series are based on categories such as Live-in relationships, homosexual love stories, sci-fi thrillers, crime thrillers, etc. And these shows work because viewers can interact with the problems shown in the web series. These shows mimic our lives and our problems, which rarely go into the weird world of the soap opera everyday, honestly.

Reasons to Join Telegram Channels Through the Web Series | Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download

If you have any questions about why you choose to use Telegram channels over other websites and apps it is easy. You are offered free premium content on such channels and it is free to join and download content on these channels.


This article is for educational purpose , we do not support any kind of piracy .

We’ve tried to add the most popular Telegram channels here which provides web series for free. All the telegram channels for web series provide series from Netflix, Prime Video, and many other popular platforms. Dual-Audio web series are also uploaded to the channel so that viewers can enjoy series in their favorite language.

If you’re having trouble in Joining the group or isn’t able to download web series from Telegram, then feel free to comment down your problem. We’ll try to resolve it ASAP and we highly recommend you update the Telegram app to the latest version so that you won’t miss the latest features and security updates. Thank You for reading Best Telegram Channels For Web Series download 


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