halal love story halal love story on Amazon Prime; Posted on 15th of this month


halal love story

The moving poster for the film Halal Love Story has been released. The movie will launch on Amazon Prime. The film is scheduled to open on October 15.

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Halal Love Story is a film directed by Zakaria after Sudani from Nigeria. The film stars Indrajith Sukumaran, Parvathy Thiruvoth, Joju George, Sharafuddin, Saubin Shaheer, and Grace Antony in the lead roles.

The script for the film was written by the director and Muhsin Parari. Produced by Aashiq Abu, Jessina Ashim and Harshad Ali. Editor- Saiju Sreedharan, Cinematography- Ajay Menon, Music- Bijibal, Shahbaz Aman, Rex Vijayan, Jackson Gary Perera, Neha Nair, PRO- Athira Diljith.

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