Can I Track the Real-time Location of My Child?

Can I Track the Real-time Location of My Child?

Can I Track the Real-time Location of My Child? Being a parent is a challenging task. You always worry about your kid’s safety. Asking them for their whereabouts after every few hours does not either. Hence, you need a solution that can help you track the real-time location of your kid whenever you want. There are many methods to track the location of a device but the lack of technical knowledge works as a barrier for parents.


Hence, we have found an easy and secure method that will help you track your kid’s location remotely. You do not even need to have any technical knowledge to use this platform. The best thing is that it works for all devices ( even if it is not rooted or jailbreak).


This method includes using a phone monitoring platform that makes it much easier to track your kid’s activities without letting them know. So, let’s begin and find out more about this application in detail.


Note: If you are in hurry, then visit this page to track kid’s location instantly.


FoneMonitor is an advanced phone monitoring application for parents and employers. It helps people by tracking the live location of the targeted device. Millions of people across 190 countries use this platform to track the real time location of various devices.


The application works on a cutting edge technology that verifies the targeted device to an online account and tracks its activities. Hence, you can trust this application to access your kid’s device remotely. Parents who do not have much technical knowledge can access the social media of their accounts with this application. It is because the application is purely-web based and does not require a jailbreak on your kid’s device.

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It is a fast solution and takes less than 5 minutes to set up the account and verify the device with it. We will cover the installation guide later in this article.


How long does it take to track the real-time location of a device?


It depends on the application you use to track a device. If you are using the FoneMonitor application, then it will take around 5 minutes to set up the targeted device for the first time. After that, you can track it within a few seconds by clicking on the Location Tracker feature. However, if you are using a traditional way, then it may take several hours to get the live location of a device.


That is why people choose FoneMonitor for a faster and reliable tracking solution. You can check the demo of this feature on the homepage of their website. 


What Can You Do With FoneMonitor?


FoneMonitor is not limited to the location tracking features. Many other tools will help you know more about your kid’s phone activities. Some of them are:


WhatsApp Monitoring: You can monitor the WhatsApp account of your children and read all their conversation. Additionally, you can do it without letting your kid know about it.


Browsing History Tracker: You can check the browsing history of your kid’s device with a single click on your dashboard. It collects the history from all the browsers of the devices at present it in an organized way.

Call Logs Viewer: As the name suggests, you can view and record the call logs of the targeted device with this feature.

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Location Tracker: This is the feature we are going to use for the location tracking of the targeted device.


Android Keylogger: It records all the keystrokes made on the device, including the deleted messages, passwords, and other texts.


How to Track The Real-Time Location With FoneMonitior


Here are some easy to follow steps to track the live location of any device:


Step1: Registering Process

The first step is to register for a free account on their website. Click on Free Signup and enter your details to create an account. Consider using a strong password to ensure the security of your online account.


You will need to select one of their membership plans to use the premium features. Select any of them and proceed to the next step.


Step2: Verifying the Device


The next step is to connect your kid’s device to your FoneMonitor account. It has two different procedures for android and apple devices. It will ask you for the operating system of your kid’s device. Select the right icon and follow the instructions accordingly.

For Android: Download and install the application on your kid’s Android device. It will sync it to your online account.


For iPhone: Enter the iCloud details of the account logged in on the iPhone device. Allow it some time to sync the device and the account.


Step3: Track Live Location


Login to your FoneMonitor account on a web browser. Click on the dashboard, and you will a Location Tracker feature there. Click on it, and it will show you the live location of the device. If you can not find the location, it means that the GPS of the device is turned off. Consider using the SIM tracking feature to get the live location in this case.

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It will start showing the location through an easy-to-read map on your device.


Final Verdict: Best Way To Track a Device Remotely


If you want a seamless phone tracking experience, then FoneMonitor is the right choice for you. It is a reliable and easy to use platform for parents. All you need is access to your kid’s device once, and you can monitor it as long as you want. The application provides a demo version to help you understand the features on this platform. 


Features like Location tracker, SIM tracking, and browsing history helps you get an idea of what your kids are doing. Hence, it is a much better option than the traditional parental control feature. You get all of this in affordable packages. 


If you still have any problems, then you can check their website as they provide pop-up tips on each step. Hence, you can do it easily without taking someone’s help.

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