Indian Government have now come together to fight against the coronavirus(COVID-19). At this time during lockdown period most of people getting bored. As per in this situation there is no new cinema releasing, so you can watch some best webseries. Here are some popular web series you can watch. best hindi web series 2020

Best Hindi Web Series 2020

1.Kota Factory

Kota Factory is directed by Raghav Subbu for the viral fever. The series simultaneously premiered TVPlay and YouTube also on 2019. This is the first black & white webseries in India. The show shows the life of 16 year oldvaiabhav who moves to kota from Itarsi. It shows the life of students in the city.

2. Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates web series is created by The Viral Fever(TVF) and Biswapati Sarkar. This series follows a young couple being in long distance relationship for 3 years. This Series also premiere on YouTube. It has a second season also broadcasted on TVF Play.

3.Girlfriend Chor

“Girlfriend chor”(MX Player Series) by Vinayak Chakravorty is a letatest web series. It’s Clear. No bad words, no kissing scenes. This show avoids getting to any complications. The story is so much relatable in real life now a days. All the background music and actings are awesome.

4. Jhontu Motors(Rahasya Romancho)

If you have interest in mysteries movie or series then you must have to watch this web series. It’s a Bengali web series translated into the hindi also. It follows three mysteries. Just enjoy the stories of a serial killer, a mechanic,and a gambler. You can watch it on MX Player.

5.Yeh Meri Family

Yeh meri family have 7 number of episodes(season 1). If you are someone who takes special pride in being a true-blue 90s kid, then Yeh Meri Family is the perfect treat for you. It is a reminder of birthday parties that took place in our living room, slam books that we hide from our parents, and fight with our siblings(That never get old)

6.Engineering Girls

Engineering Girls(TV Series 2018). The most common ‘joke’ peddled out when it comes to engineering and girls is a commentary on the lack of girls in engineering colleges. Three female Engineering students must handle dorm drama and relationship issues while they work to make their dreams come true. Very good web series to watch out. You can watch it on YouTube also.

7.Delhi Crime

Delhi crime has 7 episodes in a season. The story is based on a rape Case. Inspired by the aftermath of the horrific 2012 Delhi gang-rape case, This crime drama follows the Delhi police investigation into the finding of the men who perpetrated the time.

8. Made in Heaven

No doubtly one of the best webseries have been produced in recent times.  You must have to watch this web series.The story follows Tara and Karan are Delhi-based weeding planners who know that india is a society in transition, with tradition, with tradition clashing with morden individual aspirations. It has 9 episodes.


A extremely violent revenge drama. Mirzapur is more than a story of guns and cruses. Akhandanand Tripathi made millions of exporting carpets and he became the mafia boss of mirzapur. His son munna power-hungry heir, stops at nothing to continue his father legacy. It has 9 episodes.

10.The Family Man

The Family Man is one of the most viewed web seriesn on NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Hotstar. Srikant Tiwari is a middle class man who also server as a world-class spy. Srikant tries hardly to balance his family responsibilities. The series has a stellar cast — Manoj Bajpayee, Dalip Tahil, Priyamani, Gul Panag — all of whom really pull this series through its long run time. A season 2 of the show is in the making.This is a very popular web series.
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