Anjaam Pathiraa malayalam movie 2020

Anjaam Pathira

Anjaam Pathira malayalam movie Review

Without a hint of uncertainty, Anjaam Pathira malayalam movie is one of the best thrillers that Malayalam’s industry has seen to date. Although describing it WITHOUT ENTERING YOUR SPOILERS is difficult. I am trying to do so to help those who have not yet seen it and are seeking genuine user opinions. anjaam pathira malayalam movie watch online free, anjaam pathira malayalam movie watch online

Even when Anjaam Pathira has everything expected of a typical psychological thriller. a series of murders: serial killer and a justifiable motive. Where Anjaam Pathira crosses another level of thriller in the Malayalam industry in its ORIGINAL AND STRONG plot. SUSPENSION OF GRIP ELEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF IMPECCABLE CHARACTER. The film manages to MAINTAIN the EXCITING MOMENT he won in the first half of the movie, even when the second half felt relatively slow. The film also draws a clear POLITICAL MESSAGE that finds a lot of relevance in recent times. Free movies download websites without registration

Trying a 2-hour and 33-minute movie WITHOUT even a SONG OR any unnecessary romantic sequence. requires a lot of enthusiasm from the director, therefore, it is really applaudable. From an unconditional animation director to the scriptwriter and director of an exciting thriller. Midhun Manuel Thomas has undoubtedly crossed the new horizon with great success. All actors, including those who only had small segments such as Indrans and Jaffer Idukki, have shown complete justice in their roles. The efficiency of Shyju Khalid in capturing some virgin kochi frames. and dark frames along with the captivating background score of Sushin Shyam makes Anjaam Pathira an exceptional theatrical experience. Choose Theater of good audiovisual standards for the best experience. free movie streaming without sign up

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Anjaam Pathira malayalam movie

Midhun Manuel Thomas is a director who has proven himself in the genre of comedy through the Aadu duology. In his last adventure as a director, he has demonstrated his true temper in the suspense genre. Anjaam pathira begins with Kunjakko boban as anwar, the psychiatrist. who also serves as a part-time criminologist for the police.

anjaam pathira malayalam movie

The film gains momentum for the kidnapping and death of a policeman and that impetus never fades. But goes crazy and keeps us guessing along with the investigation team. That’s where the movie really marks an immersive experience. Sushin Shyam as the musical director gives an epic score aptly located in places that will shake us. and gives us goosebumps, it was EPIC.

Shyju Khalid acts as our eye in the film and his paintings. and lighting are impeccable and fresh at the same time very realistic. The color tone in various parts of the film subtly affects our mood and gives a sense of fear. A film where each character performs well and is important is a rarity and anjaam pathira has it. The dialogues are right with humor sprayed to relieve us, since the film is very dark and tense.

My favorite performances were from Unni Maya as DCP Catherine, Jinu Joseph as ACP Anil, Sreenath Bhasi and the main antagonist (I will not say who he is). Another hero of the movie is the quick and attractive script and direction. It has all the right ingredients of the suspense genre. As I said, it is immersive mainly because it makes us empathize with the characters in the movie. That is not an easy task and Midhun Manuel Thomas has succeeded.

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Story line

Investigation officers are challenge by a serial killer. As the victims are police officers, there is an urgency to resolve it as soon as possible. Can clinical psychologist Anwar Hussain and the police team solve it together?

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