Oyo q quiz answers today

Oyo quiz answers win Paytm cash|5 September 2020

oyo quiz answers tyoday

Oyo quiz answers 2020, today’s Oyo quiz answers, Oyo quiz today answers, Oyo Paytm quiz answers, Oyo ultimate trivia quiz. answer question correctly to win Paytm Cash, Amazon Echo Dot and many other prizes!

Oyo q quiz answers today

OYO Quiz Answers, OYO Q Quiz Answers, Oyo Today Quiz Answers, Oyo 4th Sep to 5th September 2020 Quiz Answers

OYO now starts the ‘OYO Q Quiz’ contest where they ask a question daily and users can answer the questions and have a chance to win big Paytm cash and many more exciting prizes. The OYO Q Quiz contest will be available from September 4 to September 5, 2020. Oyo Q Quiz Live every day from 10 p.m. until the next day at 9:59 p.m. Read and follow the steps mentioned below to participate in Oyo Q Quiz.

How to play Oyo Quiz?

Step 1: This is the OYO app exclusive quiz so you need to download the OYO app from Google Play Store (download from this link or use referral code: – NAREEMFYH to get Rs 500 OYO Money).

Step 2: Now open the OYO app and log into your account.

Step 3: Scroll down on the home screen of the OYO app and you will see the banner “Learn and win something with Oyo Q Paly & win”.

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Step 4: Tap the OYO Ultimate Trivia Quiz banner and the quiz will start after tapping the “Play Now” button.

Step 5: Now you will see the question in the Ultimate Daily OYO Trivia Quiz. You must give the correct answers to all questions.

Step 6: After giving the correct answer to today’s OYO Ultimate Trivia Quiz, you will be redirected to the Shake & Win page where you will have a chance to win a reward.

Step 7: A drawing will decide the winners of the cash of ₹ 10 Lakh Paytm, ₹ 1 crore OYO Money, 15 Amazon Echo Dot and other such prizes. So I ask you to participate in the daily OYO questionnaire. If you are lucky, you can win something.

OYO Today quiz terms and conditions

  • Users who respond to OYO Q correctly will be redirected to the Shake and Win page where they have a chancto win a reward.
  • Winners of Paytm Cash, Amazon Echo Dot, and other prizes will be decided by a lottery of those who correctly answered today’s OYO Q.
  • Each winner will be informed via an app notification and an email.
  • Paytm Cash rewards will be awarded to winners at the mobile phone number registered with OYO.
  • Paytm Cash and other rewards will only be awarded to users if they are logged into the OYO APP.
    Other rewards, such as giveaways, will be passed on to winners in the form of electronic gift certificates.
  • The amount will be transferred in seven days.
  • The following users will not be eligible for Paytm Cash: – Paytm accounts not verified by KYC. This restriction is per RBI guidelines. – Users who have exceeded the monthly Paytm wallet limit.
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Oyo Q Quiz Contest Start Time:

Oyo Q Quiz Starts Every Day At 10PM And End On Next Day 9:59PM. Users Can Answer The Question Still Next Day 9:59 PM.

Oyo q quiz answers today 5 September 2020

Q. Can you identify this monument in India?

Answer: Humayun’s Tomb


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