Creating a pool on Facebook Live: A step-by-step guide

Facebook Live is a Facebook feature that allows users to broadcast real-time video to their friends and followers. This content can be used by live broadcasters to engage their audiences during critical moments and events. Going live allows for real-time interaction and can assist you in gaining exposure and developing relationships with your audience. We all have many other social media options besides Facebook. If you use social media, you can buy views from a variety of websites through SubscriberZ. Click here for buying facebook likes will help your account and business page. 

Why are marketers so enthralled by Facebook Live? Because it’s a fun and simple way for them to use the power of video to tell their brand stories and build authentic relationships with fans and followers in real time.

In this article we will know about the Facebook Poll Live.

How to Make Use of Facebook Live

Viewers can watch Facebook Live videos on any device that has Facebook access but does not require an account because they are public. Users can go live from their profile, a Page, a group, or an event on Facebook. The instructions for starting a livestream from the app differ from those for starting one from a web browser; see below for details.

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How to Use Your Phone to Go Live on Facebook

Making use of the Facebook app:

  1. Navigate to the page, group, personal profile, or event from which you want to stream your video.
  2. Click on “What’s on your mind?” or Make a post.
  3. Select Live from the list of options.
  4. Create a description in which you can tag friends, collaborators, or your location. The hamburger menu button in the bottom right-hand corner provides an extensive list of options
  5. Tap Start Live Video to start the live stream.
  6. When you’re finished, tap Finish to bring the livestream to a close.

Making a Facebook Poll

Here’s how to make a Facebook poll:

Step 1: Locate and select the Pages tab, then select your Page.

Step 2: Navigate to the Publishing Tools tab.

 Step 3: Select Create Post.

 Step 4: From the ellipsis (three dots) menu, choose Poll.

 Step 5. Type the question you want to ask, and then enter the poll options for Option 1 and Option 2.

 Step 6. Click the “1 week” drop-down menu beneath the Poll Options to specify when you want your poll to end (example: 1 day, 1 week, Custom).

Step 7: Select the Share Now option.

Make a Poll on Facebook Live

You can use polls to ask your audience questions in real time before or during your Facebook Live video. Polls can have two to four answer options, and there is no limit to the number of polls you can create.

How to Create a Computer Live Poll

How to Start a Live Poll on a Computer

  • Select Polls from the Interactivity menu, or locate the Polls card in your Dashboard.
  •  Click the Activate poll button. The poll will be visible to your viewers right away.
  • Click to select a poll to see more options. You can see how many viewers voted and how they responded in a closed poll.
  • Display poll results in video to display poll results in real time.
  •  Close the results, reopen the poll so that viewers can vote again, or pause the poll.
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How to Start a Live Poll from Your Phone

  • To view your polls, tap.
  • Tap the Launch button. The poll will be visible to your viewers right away.
  •  Tap to select a poll to see more options. You can see how many viewers voted and how they responded in a closed poll.
  • Edit or relaunch your poll to allow viewers to vote again, or click End voting.


Social media was created for entertainment purposes, but it has evolved into an essential business tool. Facebook is a valuable social network because of the various ways it allows you to connect with an audience, and Facebook Live is an excellent extension of that. Use it to your advantage by promoting your product, increasing brand awareness, or expanding your audience.