5 Best Free Slideshow Makers 2021

5 Best Free Slideshow Makers 2021

Is photography your passion? Are you fond of shooting videos of different varieties? Are you on the lookout for one good way of showcasing your work? If yes, then the right slideshow maker can help you out. If you want to create a Youtube explaintry video or presentation you can use these below mentioned programs. 

Slideshow makers allow the users to restore their photo and video memories forever. And the best thing about these programs is most of them are available for free. And yes, the free options also come with music! There are so many sites which provide free background music for videos but some slideshow makers provide background music too. 

They can run on mobile devices, Windows and Mac computers, and even on the web. They come with all the major and minor features needed to create the most attractive slideshows. So, are you ready for the experience? Let’s get straight into understanding the details of the top 5 free online slideshow software programs.

1. InVideo

InVideo is an online slideshow maker that lets you create slideshows in just a few minutes without incurring any cost. The ready-to-use templates available with this software make it an incredibly easy-to-use program.

With InVideo, you get the simplest ways to pick presentation or slideshow templates and make them your own. The software program offers an assortment of animations, transitions, fonts, and music giving high-level creative freedom to the users.

Moreover, the program’s 24/7 priority support, background image remover, and media library make it the best free online slideshow software. And yes, it also does not come with a watermark.

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The program features 4000+ designer templates, with videos being fully customizable on this tool. The makers keep adding new overlays, features, transitions, stickers, and more every week, with the users being notified about the same.

This slideshow maker makes it very easy for its users to create stunning presentations that outperform competitors. This free slideshow software helps its users create captivating and engaging slideshow videos that will surely leave the audiences craving more.

2. Icecream Slideshow Maker

If you are on the lookout for free slideshow software that comes with strong features for making your final presentation or project more dynamic, then the Icecream slideshow maker is the right choice for you.

The program is also a winner when other factors like design, accessibility, and ease of use are taken into account. It is a beautiful software offering a modern experience to its users. With this program coming in handy, building a slideshow will become an interesting thing to do for the users.

As a user of this program, you can add pictures one by one or on the whole from the folder of your computer. The program also offers user-friendly tools that can be used for customizing a slideshow.

You can quickly customize the features such as slide duration, transition and transition effects in this slideshow maker. Though it is a free program, its paid version with more professional features is also available.

This software supports the inclusion of multiple music tracks per slideshow, burning DVDs with slideshows, and uploading of created videos to YouTube, Dropbox, and Google Drive directly.

Users can even preview their slideshows before saving the same. Interesting tools, fast performance, and excellent design make Icecream the best software program available in the market.

3. Adobe Spark

This is yet another free online slideshow software with transition and music effects that can easily be used, all thanks to the program’s premade images and graphics, briefly labeled options, and simple navigation menus.

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Adobe Spark offers its users a plethora of customization options such as original photos, music, text, videos, voice content, and backgrounds. These can help the users in making their slideshow stand out from the others, specifically their competitors.

You can simply verge on using this software by coming up with a new assignment, selecting a pre-designed layout, and adding text and media to the slides. Last, you can refine your job with a soundtrack and a theme.

This easy-to-use slideshow software comes with a super intuitive interface letting users publish and share their projects instantly. The program is available both on mobile and the web and boasts of an inspiration gallery, blog, and pre-designed templates for the users to kick-start their slideshows.

4. PhotoStage Slideshow Software

PhotoStage is probably the simplest and the easiest to use of all slideshow makers currently available in the market. The program offers professional quality slideshows that can easily be customized as per personal demands.

The core features of this program, like images, music, videos, transitions, and other effective media integrations, are worth using. It even comes with a built-in image editor that is sufficiently powerful to be used as a dedicated editor for pictures.

The program stands out from the crowd in that its output options tend to be more diverse in comparison to the other rival applications. This is a super-fast and easy-to-use slideshow maker that comes with enviable features and output options.

5. Movavi Slideshow Maker

For people who are looking for the ideal tool for creating a personalized video slideshow without any hassle, the Movavi Slideshow Maker will be a great choice. This program is a highly comprehensive tool that can be used easily.

With more than 40 titles, 150 filters, and 100 transitions, this program allows its users to easily adjust with its super-intuitive and friendly interface within just a few seconds. Users can easily add the desired effects and blend in the music of their choice for creating exclusive slideshows.

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Above everything else, the slideshows created using this app can easily be shared across the world by simply uploading them on Google Drive and YouTube.

Some of the most exclusive features of the app include 

  • special visual and transition effects including vignette and retro; 
  • automated slideshow creation; 
  • color adjustment; animate text with more than 40 title styles; native support for video, audio
  •  image formats; add own music or make use of default themed tracks 
  • noise reduction and correction tools.

Another online slideshow maker and editor tool is FlexClip. It is equipped with many unique features that permit the user to add transactions, different animations, a lot of templates, music to your slide. Its straightforward user design allows you to experience amazing videos and slide-making with FlexClip within few minutes. Moreover, it also has tools like watermarking, aspect ratio adjustment, the overall resolution setting, converts pictures to videos, and zooming. All the above detail compel us to place the crown for the best slideshow maker on FlexClip.

Highlights of FlexClip Slideshow Maker :

  • Offers unlimited editing tools
  • A photo to video converter is best.
  • Support all major file formats
  • Easy downloading and sharing options
  • Up to 60 transactions

Summing Up

As is evident from the above explanation, all the free slideshow software programs available this 2021 come loaded with a plethora of options. So, remember that the specific requirements of the users will ultimately influence the perfect choice of these programs.



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