13 Best Examples of Effective Re-Engagement Emails

Email marketing carries immense significance for any business or service provider. As a marketing strategy, email marketing has fetched commendable results. It has the tendency to build a large audience in a short period of time, that too, in a limited budget. However, like every other marketing tactic or strategy, maintaining a high engagement ratio with email subscribers is a challenging ask.

This is where reengagement emails kick in. A well-structured reengagement campaign is a powerful tool to bring inactive subscribers back in the groove and connect them with your brand again. If you are running out of ideas, you can use an email template generator to craft an effective email. Let’s dive into the best email re engagement campaign ideas to keep your subscribers engaged.

  1. Emotional Touch in the Subject Line

The subject line is usually something that turns heads and forces someone to open the email. Use it smartly. A short and effective subject line like I miss you or Where have you been can help you reengage your subscribers. 

  1. Come Back to Us!

A concise and catchy headline of the email can urge viewers to get back to you. Your headline should convey the message and trick viewers into believing that they have been missing out on a lot. 

  1. Personalize Your Email

Add the name of the subscriber to the email, make them feel valuable, and prove that your brand would love to have them back on board. This will make your email’s introduction more catchy and will also increase the reader’s attention span.

  1. Emphasize Brand Value

Your brand’s unique selling point (USP) should get the spotlight in your marketing strategy. Therefore, you should remind your subscribers of what you have to offer and why should they come back to you.

  1. Incentives and Discounts

You can offer new incentives or exclusive discounts to your email subscribers. This will encourage them to take action, place an order, make a booking, or get in touch in any other way. You can offer free trials, exclusive content, coupons, or any such thing depending on the nature of your business. 

  1. Create an Urgency

Another effective marketing technique is to create urgency among your email subscribers. A re engagement email that triggers curiosity and asks for action, like a limited-time offer or a deadline will help you turn heads. 

  1. Not a Goodbye!

For a dormant subscriber or one who is planning to leave the brand, an email with such a headline can help in reminding that you are still there and you value the relationship with your consumer. 

  1. Ask for Feedbacks

Another smart way to engage your silent subscriber is to ask for a review or feedback. You can encourage them to fill out a form or give a rating. The collected data can help you improve your services and overall brand image as well. 

  1. Help Some of Them on Their Way Out

If a subscriber is adamant to leave then it is better to let them go and help them unsubscribe. It will help you maintain your brand’s name and prevent your emails from going into the spam folder. 

  1. Showcase Your Improvement

If your brand has improved since the last time these subscribers engaged with you, it is an ideal situation for you to boast about your achievement. Highlight your evolving journey in this time and make them return.

  1. Tell Them They Are Missing Out

Another creative way to make your subscribers re-engage is to create a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Highlight that they are missing out by being inactive and ask them to check out your latest release.

  1. Use Humor

Break ice with your silent subscribers and crack a joke or two to do so. Smart use of humor will make your email marketing strategy more effective and engaging for consumers. 

  1. We Want You Back!

At times, you are needed to go upfront and make your customer feel special. Tell them you miss them and you want to see them return. It might feel like a desperate attempt to get back with your ex, but it sure helps as a marketing technique.

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Key Points

  • Personalize your re-engagement emails.
  • Makes smart use of incentives, discounts, coupons to attract readers. 
  • Motivate subscribers to act quickly through FOMO and CTA.
  • Make them feel like a valuable asset.