Watch Movies Online With Friends

Watch Movies Online With Friends
Watch Movies Online With Friends

Best Apps and Websites To Watch Movies Online With Friends

Watch movies online, Even a favorite place like watching TV can feel lonely, especially when you go out with friends and watch it together. While you can stream, text and share screen time on FaceTime or Zoom. Sometimes, it is not enough. If you are looking for a way to keep your social distance with friends. There are a lots of websites and apps. You can also use browser extensions that allow you to host watch parties digitally. Watch movies together online reddit, Watch YouTube together app. how to watch movies with your friends online

There’s nothing like watching movies and videos together in the same room. But it is best to watch videos with friends online. Here is our list of the best apps and websites that will allow you to watch movies online with friends.

How to watch movies with friends online

It is always great to get together with friends or family to watch movies together. Here in this article I am going to show you the best apps and websites to watch movies online with friends and Curl up in bed to watch a movie.

Enjoy the latest television there. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find yourself in the same room as everyone else. Fortunately, there are many services that allow you to enjoy your favorite online content and integrate it with YouTube like Netflix. No matter where you are.

So are you in a distant relationship? You want to move out of your home or connect with friends from all over the world. Then Read this article full you will get all best online services to watch movies online with friends. program to watch movies with friends online.

Watch Movies Online With Friends

Metastream Watch Movies Online With Friends

Metastream allows you to chat live while watching videos on a variety of platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, and Crunchyroll. But Metastream will open Netflix in another window. The app is still in beta, so there are some issues: For example, we had some issues using it with Hulu in Chrome. Metastream recommends using Firefox when watching Hulu. app to watch movies online with friends

The beta version of Metastream is still a great option and works with a host of services, including Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch.

It is compatible with Chrome and Firefox and is easy to install and use. Once a session is started, new members can be added through a simple invitation code.

It also offers enhanced features like timestamp markers, so you can revisit your favorite scenes.

Metastream Features

  • Watch or listen together

    Start a session, Log in and invite your friends by sharing your friend code with them.

  • Build up the queue

    Search for your favorite media and add the URL to the queue. Several popular websites already support playback.

  • Use enhanced features

    New features are added on top of streaming websites such as real-time chat and timestamp markers.

Chrome Extension

Scener Watch Movies Online With Friends

Scener allows you to video chat with your friends while watching Netflix (and only Netflix, although Scener plans to add more streaming services in the future), and there is also a text chat feature. You can watch with up to 20 people. Previously, you could only use Scener with the main profile for your Netflix account, but the app has been recently updated and you can now use it from any of your Netflix profiles.

Scener Features

  • Movie night in perfect sync

    Our ultra-fast automatic sync allows you to watch Netflix with friends from all over the world, perfectly synced.

  • Watch Together, With Video chat

    Laugh together, scream together, cry together. Our high definition video chat allows you to share every moment as if you were sitting next to each other.

  • Date Night or Group Hangouts

    Whether you’re looking for a dinner and a movie, or trying to get the whole team together, Scener has you covered.

Chrome Extension


This program is possibly the most versatile of all the options, since it works with Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube.

TwoSeven can be installed through the FireFox or Google Chrome browser and offers text-based video calling and chat capabilities.

How do i use it? Maybe Netflix just isn’t enough for you and your friends. Maybe you really want to see Frozen 2, but it’s only on Disney Plus. TwoSeven is the most robust of the synchronized transmission options, for a price. The good news, though, is that Tier 1 regular benefits are available for $ 3 a month right now. So for $ 3, you can add Disney Plus and Hulu to your TwoSeven experience. (The free version is compatible with Netflix, Amazon and HBO).

To see anything without a direct link. You must install an extension. You’ll also need to manually access the Chrome extension settings to work specifically with Netflix. Once installed, you can play the desired content directly in the TwoSeven browser. Another advantage of TwoSeven is that you can also upload movie files that you would like to see; It’s time to relive your high school iMovie files, like those music videos you made of micro economic principles (not that you have one of those floating around or anything). The best advantage of TwoSeven is that, in addition to normal chat, it supports video and audio, so if you want to see a friendly face, it is perfect.

Chrome Extension


You will definitely want to see this Multi-platform and compatible sync play list. All the biggest video player apps out there including VLC, KM player and classic sync player is a free tool. That allows you to sync video streams with friends. You need to have the movies you want to watch stored locally on your hard drive.

Being compatible with most video players, syncplay is the most useful for watching movies online and also from the computer. You and your friends have to download syncplay, and then they can connect.


Watch2gether Watch Movies Online With Friends

As the app’s name suggests, Watch2gether allows you to watch movies together with friends online in real time. The best part of the app is that you don’t have to go through a registration process. All you need to activate this application is a temporary nickname.

When they watch movies together. Watching online videos with friends in real time is very simple. No registration is required. You only need a temporary nickname to get started. Click the Creator’s Room button on your own page. Enter your temporary nickname, which leads to a video and chat room

Another unique aspect of the app is that you can watch videos on other social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitch and many more by simply pasting the video link into the app’s search bar. You can also connect with your friends on video calls while streaming videos through Watch2gether.

Where to start adding friends to chat. You have the option of inviting your own friends to a room you have created or joining a room. It already works and is part of the viewing party. The best thing about seeing it all together is that you have the option to select or search for video sources from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or SoundCloud Audio.

Gaze Watch Movies Online With Friends

If YouTube is your preferred streaming platform, it may be just what you’re looking for. The Gaze is incredibly simple to use, one user creates a room, from the link room to another, that’s all. Both parties can start streaming sync videos.

Unfortunately, people can only be used with two parts simultaneously. This could be perfect for a long distance date night. If you intend to invite more than one person. You’ll want to see some of the other services on this list. In addition to streaming YouTube videos, guys also let you sync local files. So keep that in mind.

To do this, both parties need to have the file they want to see on their computers. Unfortunately, there are a number of websites that allow users to send large files for free.


Kast differs from many of the other services mentioned in this list in that it is not limited to syncing only video streams, but rather allows users to essentially share a browser. This allows users to sync all kinds of content on multiple devices remotely.

When syncing videos from Netflix or YouTube, maybe the initial giveaways can also sync the game documents and more. Getting started with the cast is very easy. Just hello to a course website and start a session from here. Just navigate to what you want to sync.

Kast browser within a browser to invite friends to a cast session, just send the ERL rooms. While in a room, users can chat with each other in real time via text or video. Additionally, Cast allows users to not only see the same thing at the same time, but it will also allow different users to take control with the click of a mouse.

Also, Kast has a Chrome extension available that makes the process even easier.

Netflix party Watch Movies Online With Friends

Watch netflix together online, Netflix party is an exclusive browser extension for Chrome. It allows users to sync Netflix video playback on multiple computers. since it only needs to be installed on a computer. It is probably one of the easiest to configure. Once you install the extension, go to Netflix and choose a movie or TV show to watch once. It loads, stops the video and clicks. The red NP button in the upper right corner of the browser window.

This will generate a unique link that you can send to others who will be directed to your room. Where they can watch their video synced with you moreover. Netflix Party allows users to interact with each other with a simple text chat interface.

The biggest advantage of Netflix Party is that only one person needs to have the extension installed. This means that people without a Netflix subscription can still be invited to participate in their room. However, there is a dazzling downside.

Since Netflix party is a browser extension to be able to use it. You will have to watch your videos through Chrome. This means that everyone will be forced to curl up on their computers.

Sync Video

If you’re looking for privacy, the sync video is the one you see. Because the video was certainly created with a little more privacy in mind. Since it allows you to watch your videos online with friends for free. Here you cannot register a temporary nickname for this free service, the advantage of all this is that.

Once registered. You will be provided with your own permanent private virtual room. You can go back every time. If you want to use the service. And invite your friends to watch online videos with you Vimeo. YouTube videos can be added and saved to playlists that you and your friends watch in your virtual room at any time. You can also create new rooms or create a new nickname at any time.

This negates the problem of ubiquitous internet trolls who could venture into your virtual space meddling with your privacy or personal friends. You can invite your friends to your room at any time by clicking invite in the upper right corner of the page.

You have the option of making your room public. If you choose, although most do not choose this option with Sync Video.


This is great as it incorporates VoIP capabilities. My Circle TV brings the key feature of free voice chat to the fore. While watching online videos with friends. Many people crave and seek this as a feature. When I pick the next big thing in telecommunications services, especially when it’s a no-cost solution, my Circle TV allows groups of friends to enjoy hours and hours of free voice chat.

While watching online videos with friends. Friends can be invited in a variety of ways, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email. There is no registration requirement on my TV circle. But once registered, you’ll be up and running watching free videos online with friends.

Dailymotion, Vimeo and YouTube videos can be shared on these voice chats as an additional bonus of 5 gigabytes of video can be loaded into a custom user space in the following mp4 h.264 ABC mpeg-4 part video formats 10 for video and AAC for audio and even FLV. There are a few differences between having a registered and an unregistered account, including the following 5 gigabytes of space to upload videos in the invitation history of my cloud storage user profile.

Plex VR

Plex VR takes video syncing to a whole new level. Instead of just sharing a screen. Plex VR allows you to share a virtual drive-in theater in a loft-style apartment or an empty sinister with your friends and loved ones. In these virtual spaces. You can chat with your friends and watch the video sources from one of the users plex media libraries.

The videos are synchronized. So that all users experience the video simultaneously. However, users can independently change the size and position of the screen to suit their preferences.

Finally, to top it all, they all have a cute DUPLO as an avatar that represents them in the room. Flex PR is the most complicated way to remotely share streaming content with friends and potentially the most expensive way to make all of this work. All participants must have hardware compatible with Google Daydream Gear VR or Oculus Go and the average price for that is to remove severe can remove severe

One Last Point

How to watch YouTube with friends

Watch anime together


Watch anime together With your favorite app and share online it with your friends.

There are a lot of websites which offer watching movies online with friends. In my opinion Watch2gether is one of the best websites for that. Because it is really too easy to use in both computer and mobile.

  • scroll down to the end of your site if you want to change the language

If you are ready click create the room, no need to register on this website. Directly to the search bar click the yellow box you can choose between YouTube, Vimeo, twitch and other online platforms you want to watch with your friends.

  • Use the search bar to find the video and select it.

Now, you can change the quality of the video, audio volume or just enable the mini player.

  • If you want to invite other friends. Just copy the link and send it to your friends.

They can put the link in the browser to join the room easily. While watching a video. You can chat with other users.

  • To show you that all user videos are running synchronously.

I will start the video and open all three browser windows at the same time. In the upper right corner, you can click on the person symbol.

  • In the upper right corner where you can change the background color and chat color.

You can grant moderation rights to other users and change other settings or have annoyed the people in your room. It will report on that band immediately. It is almost the same to use launched together on the phone only with different designs. So open your browser and look at the website together.

The interesting thing is to know that it doesn’t matter, if you are using a mobile phone or a PC for this. You can use watch together on the phone while another user is on the PC and vice versa. In piratically you can invite up to 200 people. But I would recommend for invite more than 30 to 50 users to avoid stuttering or other problems. Since on the PC find a video that you want to see with your friend.

You can adjust some video options like video quality.

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