Types of casino bonuses and how to receive them

Types of casino bonuses and how to receive them

Bonuses are one of the most attractive elements of online casinos’ offer to players. The basic idea of a casino promotion always remains the same: the player receives some gratification in return for their activity. However, things get more complicated further down the line. Firstly, because different types of activity are rewarded, which translates into the existence of various bonus variants. Secondly, depending on the specific offer, the conditions for receiving it and the form in which it is received may vary.

By reading this text, you will learn about the most important variants of promotional offers at e-casinos. You will also learn how the various types of bonuses are awarded, as well as their mechanism of operation.

Introduction, or what do you need to know about bonuses at e-casinos?

It is worth remembering a few features that almost always characterize casino promotions, namely:

  • Wagering requirement: winnings cannot be withdrawn immediately. First, the money must be turned over a certain number of times;
  • Splitting the funds into a bonus balance and a cash balance: any funds from the promotion will sit on the former until the turnover is met;
  • Time limits: the player has a set number of days to redeem the promotion fully;
  • Bonuses are not cumulative: users can only have one active promotion.
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Main variants of casino bonuses and their characteristics

We decided to present the types of casino promotions as clearly as possible. The individual variants have therefore been classified according to the conditions of their availability rather than their content.

Welcome bonuses

As the name aptly suggests, these are offers aimed at new players. Currently, these types of bonuses usually take the form of packages, combining at least two types of gratification:

  • Deposit top-up: the casino adds a certain percentage of cash to our deposit, e.g. 150%. So depositing 1000$ will earn you an additional 1500$, making a total of 2500$ to play with. This type of promotion can generally be used not only on slots but also on table games such as blackjack, live online poker, roulette or baccarat;
  • Free spins: the casino awards a certain number of free spins on a specific game. Free spins are almost always awarded on slots. For example: you get 150 free spins on the Gonzo’s Quest slot. Each of the spins has a predetermined value (e.g. 1$). The game does not deduct money from our balance. You can get free spins from our friends – worldcasinoexpert.com/free-spins/;
  • Welcome bonuses always have a minimum entry threshold: for example, a deposit of at least 100$ is required. The bonus also has a maximum value, so the casino will award us 150% up to 2000$. The bonus is awarded automatically (all you need to do when registering is to indicate your wish to claim the bonus and make the required deposit). The second variant is activation with a bonus code, after which the promotional funds will be credited to our balance.

No-deposit bonuses

Their content is similar to welcome bonuses (money to play or free spins). Unlike the latter, however, no-deposit bonuses are free: the player does not need to invest any funds to receive them. The second major difference is the bonus size: a free promotion will be much less lucrative than a welcome bonus. The offer is only aimed at new players, i.e., users registering with the casino for the first time. MyStake Casino is also one of them.


A popular option especially for live games, which tempt players with, among other things, the use of modern technology in gambling. How does it work? Cashback is available on a specific type of game (e.g. live games). It has a percentage (e.g. 20%) and an upper limit (e.g. 2000$). It is generally offered on a weekly basis. So if a player loses 1000$ on a game in a week, the casino will restore 200$ (continuing with our example). However, the funds will first go into the bonus balance, ergo they will require turnover before a withdrawal can be made.

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