Top 10 Animated Movies of all time till 2019

People accross the world,of all ages,loves to watch animated movies.From our childhood till date,if some one gives you choice to choose between romantic of action movies or amine movies,you will effeminately choose anime movies for sure.
We all have our own Top 10 List of our faviorite animated movies.So here we will discuss about few of them.I hope your faviorites will also bethere on this list. best animation movies.

So…here we go…

TOP 10 Animated Movies


An adventure movie which you will never be bored of watching repeatedly.Breath taking adventure,heart touching story line,romance,passion to achive the goal of their life…over all a truely entertainment package. best animation movies.

best animation movies

2.The Lion King :

The journey of a lion cub who is a crown prince,to the adulthood and to the way of learning his responsibilities.
Full of drama and excitement like other childhood memories.

3.How To Train Your Dragon(2010):

This movieisall about the true friendship and bond between a young viking and a dragon who is young too.The training of a small and adorable dragon is too cute and adventurus too.

4.Peter Rabbit(2018):

Full of excitement and adventures…thats all this movie about.The story of a rabbit family and their fight against human family who killed their parents.The combination of normal film and animation togather is too animation movies.

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The journey of a robot to the space and this journey will decide the fate of all man kind.The whole movie is containing a very heart touching story line and youwill deffinately fall in love with this movie.

6.The Toy Story 3(2010):

This movie is the best sequence of the toy story series.Its all about the toys of Andy which was by mistake delivered to a baby care school instead of andy,s attic for his college.The journey of the toys to return home.Some how this movie reminds us about our chidhood toys which were the most important parts of our dailychildhood life.

7.Finding Nemo(2003):

The adventurus story line of a small fish named NEMO to come back home after a long dramatic and action packed journey.Adventure,comedy,friendship…thats the movie all about.


A story of a rat who can cook like a proffasional and ayoung kitchen worker.the rat made the young boy famus at his restaurant by hiscooking skills.An unusual but very nice story to watch.


A journey of shrek to rescue a princess and his fight to get his land back from the enemys…thats the storyall about.Comedy,drama,romance,adventure…over all a full of entertainment movie.

10.Big Hero 6(2014):

best animation movies

The movie is about the friendship between a jumbo sizerobot and a young boy.They made a high tech band of heros with their other friends.This movie is full of action and adventure.

I hope you have watched all of them already.If you missed any,go and watch immidiately…And please Share your faviorite list with us too…

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