Why web3 social could be bigger than facebook

One of the most important things you can do with Web3 social makes a profile for a user that is unique to that person and can be exported and imported between different Web3 social apps.  If you are looking for investment, visit website it makes trading and profiting in bitcoins accessible to everybody.

Web 2 social media companies solved the problem of making and spreading information worldwide by building platforms where peers can talk to each other about things they have in common. In web3, the challenge is to find out if social apps from web2 like Twitter and Instagram, can work well in a decentralized way or to come up with new social apps for web3.

In the end, though, the content made by users helps the platforms the most. People who make content don’t have an audience they can take with them or an easy way to make money. 

Lens protocol only requires users to set up a profile once, and even if they switch platforms, they can still control it.As a user, you can use any app built on top of the protocol without giving up your followers or profile. With this, people can do a lot of different things.

Users can now choose content that fits their beliefs or interests the best. So they can have a say in how the game goes. An NFT could be made out of anything on Lens. This means that the market, its users, and its followers can decide what content is valuable based on how they get it.

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As a creator, you can put together a collection of digital art that you can sell or use in some other way to make money in the community.It’s like taking a walk with a bunch of friends. You can choose how your content is shown in each of these apps.

Lenster is where app developers can get together and host communities that work like Reddit (subreddits). It lets you choose the user experience you want based on the values and algorithms of the community that is most like you.

When it comes to social networking, what does “web3” mean?

People and the information they share aren’t protected much or at all on Web 2.0 social networking sites. In this field, the most prominent companies are tech giants that can do whatever they want with user data. On Web 2.0 social media platforms, people don’t own the content they make. The big tech companies that run social media sites can delete any information they want, even if the user didn’t permit them.

Web3, a new social networking platform that will change how people connect, will replace this old Web 2.0 social network. Its goal is to create a decentralized social networking space where each user owns their own data and has complete control over how it is used. People spend a lot of time watching movies, reading blogs, or just scrolling through their feeds right now. Even though these platforms make a lot of money from their users, most of the people who use them don’t make money from them. Users can win prizes, and Web3 can also help them in many other ways.

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How do Web3’s social networks work?

The technology behind how cryptocurrencies like Ethereum work is called “blockchain.” Blockchain is what makes up Web3 social networks. Blockchain is a digital ledger that anyone can use and doesn’t have a central location. It can keep information that can’t be changed. Because they are built on blockchain, Web3 social networks are not based in one place. They are a type of app that doesn’t have a central location because of this (dApps).

Smart contracts tell each app how to do business and ensure that social media apps work together. dApps work because of these smart contracts. These decentralized apps are hosted on a peer-to-peer network with thousands of nodes worldwide. Even if some nodes don’t work right, the problem won’t spread to the rest of the network. So, the network won’t be slowed down, which will encourage applications that can still work even when something goes wrong.

What makes Web3’s social media sites different?

People put themselves in danger when they use Web 2.0 social networking, and Web 3 social networking could completely change how people connect and talk to each other. Let’s look at what’s good about web3 social networks and web2.0 social networks.

Open source

In web3, information is stored on the public blockchain, which is decentralized and can be accessed by anyone. Since there are no gatekeepers or censors, they can’t stop you from using the API or change how you use it. It also removes project risks because developers no longer rely on other protocols. They can instead copy functions. This isn’t true, though, for Web 2.0 apps.