Toll Gate Rules in India

Toll Gate Rules in India 2019
Toll Gate Rules in India 2019

Toll Gate Rules in India , Every time you pay tolls in a toll booth, they ask if you want to pay for one side or 2 sides. Tell them you want to pay for 12 hours. If you return within 12 hours, there is no toll. The ticket also marks the time. Toll administrations make thousands of rupees by deceiving citizens due to the lack of awareness of this rule. Please educate and inform others. Nitin Gadkari, Government of India. Toll Gate Rules india 2019

Toll Plazas & Waiting time

Long lines and congestion at toll stations have been a concern for a long time. In 2015 and again in 2016, the NHAI Member (Finance) had written to all NHAI regional offices expressing concern about congestion at several toll stations. Do not pay the toll tax if the waiting time exceeds 3 minutes.

These provisions of the Toll Station Rules in India talk about the maximum wait time or the number of vehicles in queue at busy toll booths.

  • There are no more than 6 vehicles in a queue during busy times.
  • Number of toll lanes / cabins to ensure that a vehicle does not exceed 10 seconds during a busy period.
  • Toll lines will be increased if the maximum wait time of users exceeds 3 minutes.
Toll Gate Rules
Toll Gate Rules

Refer – Toll Information System – National Highways Authority of India

In the letter, he referred to two specific provisions that are part of various concession agreements signed with toll plaza operators. These conditions talk about the maximum wait time in the queue or the number of vehicles in the toll plaza.

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Waiting at toll stations is something all drivers fear. Thanks to lack of road discipline, systematic toll collectors and the general anarchy that prevails on Indian highways, they often waste hours at some toll collection stations. Now, in a venture that left many pleasantly surprised, an important 3-minute rule has surfaced in India’s 3-minute toll plaza. Hariom Jindal, a lawyer, filed an RTI last year about waiting rules for the toll plaza in India. The information you finally received from RTI is presented as a great relief. According to the information Mr. Jindal has received, it must be ensured that vehicles complete the entire toll payment procedure in the square counter area within a 3 minute period.

If a vehicle does not complete this process due to traffic congestion in the cabin or tolls or similar situations, the driver is not required to pay tolls. This 3 minute rule in the toll plaza is something that most of us just don’t know. Most of the time, it seems that we have no choice but to wait in the cabin for many minutes before the car advances. This rule applies only to cars trapped in the toll area and not to questions. Now, thanks to the 3-minute rule, many drivers will save at least some money instead of the time they spend in the boxes.

Toll Gate Rules in India
Toll Gate Rules in India

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