The central government issues a warning to Amazon and Flipkart for not showing the country of origin during the sales season


News Daily Digital Desk:‌ Flipkart and Amazon have more problems. The center sent notices to two foreign e-commerce companies for not complying with the regulations. The special discounts offered by the two companies during the holiday season do not indicate in which country the products sold are made. In addition to sending notices to the two agencies on October 15, they have also been asked to respond within the next 15 days.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for the creation of a ‘self-sufficient India’ in Corona. He asked people to put more emphasis on buying indigenous products. It is instructed that from now on, if a product is to be sold, it must be mentioned in which country it was produced. But according to the complaint, Flipkart and Amazon are not following this rule in the special discount events organized on the occasion of their festival. This information is not given in any product. After that, the center froze. You were asked to respond within 15 days by sending a notice. Otherwise, a warning to take action has been given.

But recently, Flipkart has suffered more than Amazon. In recent days, there have been several complaints against the e-commerce company, whether it is violating the rules of the Central Pollution Control Board or supporting separatism. However, he is accused of supporting serious separatism. A few days ago, in response to a customer service question in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, Flipkart said that the state is out of the country. Then no service is provided. The organization’s response started a heated debate.

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Pradyot Vikram Manikya Devvarma, the current descendant of the Tripura dynasty, from the Director General of Nagaland, made such a statement about a state of the country doing business in India. The company has to face the wrath of thousands of netizens. E-commerce sites are operating in a huge market like that of India. They should have a minimal knowledge of the history and geography of India. Some have also commented that there is no apology for the mistake made by Flipkart in calling Nagaland out of India. Flipkart understands the danger and apologizes for handling the situation. The company sincerely apologizes for this error. It also promised to try to provide services in the northeastern states. Flipkart will also be happy to be associated with Nagaland, the company said. Although it did not benefit much.

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