Most Popular NFT Collections in January 2022

There are plenty of different opinions about NFTs from non-approving to admiring. For some people, they just make another trend they will not catch while others count them as the big breakthrough in the crypto world. 

Whatever point you take, NFTs are valuable virtual collectibles that are making a huge impact on the cryptocurrency industry. Even those NFTs sold at the beginning of 2021 still are considered masterpieces and, thanks to the popularity, their value grows. Take Everydays: The First 5000 Days, – the asset was sold for an incredible 69 million dollars on auction. 

The NFTs we can see today on marketplace platforms hold the same power. They are not just pictures but code-containing valuables with no similar items to be exchanged for. 

This article will present a few of the most famous NFTs as for January 2022 so take a comfortable seat and let’s explore them. 

3 Most Impressive Digital Artwork Collections for January 2022

Perhaps, there will not be many radical changes on the list of top selling NFT collections as for the last few weeks. But it still makes sense to know the current trends in digital art and see if you can keep up. 

As a basis for this rating, we took NonFungible that provides accurate lists of token sales on all platforms. 

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

The biggest star in our sky today is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This digital image collection has reached over 96 million USD in sales in the last week of January, with the highest NFT price being 490,812 USD. In addition, more than 10,000 unique images of Bored Apes open up the Yacht Club membership right for owners of at least one of them.

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  1. Crypto Punks. 

Again, this one climbs the peak of the best NFT collections. There’s probably not a person that hasn’t heard about Crypto Punks with its record-breaking sales tendency. 

For example, the amount of fiat money items from this collection was sold in the same period (the last week of January): 49,5 million USD. Punks also give rise to new NFT collections, inspiring them with unique ideas and trending designs. 

There is an NFT sold for 1 million 159 thousand dollars among these items.  

  1. The Sandbox. 

Only last week, The Sandbox collectibles were sold for 12 million dollars. Mainly they have such recognition because, unlike other popular NFT collections, these allow their owners to get a game-like experience and build the world of their dreams. 

Of course, there are other vital and booming NFTs by talented artists. New works of art are constantly created and, regardless of the place to sell, any artist can start selling their items. These were the top-selling NFT collections for January, hope to see something new next month. 

If you’re eager to explore top NFT collections, find out where to buy them best, and track their price in a chart, feel free to do it at the Top NFT Collections website – the platform where the latest news and market conditions are reflected. The tool isn’t meant for buying NFTs for crypto coin but can lead you to reliable places to invest in non-fungible tokens. 

Also, if you’re an artist and know you can create digital artworks, there are chances to popularize your work there.