How to safely buy phone numbers with crypto?

Virtual numbers work using an internet connection instead of traditional cellular networks. It has become the new standard for both businesses and many private users. A virtual number allows you to save money on roaming services when calling abroad, it is convenient for companies to use. Even when the team is scattered in different parts of the world, or the office has to move, the business keeps in touch with consumers and partners, so it is very convenient.

Another advantage: it is easy to pay for virtual telephony services using a cryptocurrency wallet. You can buy phone number with crypto in a few minutes. At the same time, you keep personal data hidden, so it is safe in any case.

Hottelecom platform benefits

As soon as you face the need to order a virtual number, you will need the Hottelecom platform. In most cases, virtual telephony for ordinary users is limited to the ability to exchange SMS and register on various web platforms using a virtual phone number. Sometimes this list includes the ability to call subscribers in other countries, as well as receive calls. But Hottelecom is the place where you will find a complete list of services related to virtual telephony. 

So, here you can satisfy all your virtual telephony needs. And it’s just as convenient at Hottelecom that you can choose any of the 100 payment methods: top up your account in any way that suits you. Even cryptocurrency is accepted.


Rules of safe crypto-payments

Before proceeding to pay for services, you need to create a personal account on the website. Go through the superfast registration process and click “Top up balance”.

A full list of available payment methods will appear before you. If you use Bitcoins, choose this option. In this case, the system instantly processes the payment, and the money immediately appears in your account. There are no additional fees for paying in BTC. Paying in Bitcoin is the safest way to deposit.

When using other cryptocurrencies, payment is made in slightly different ways, so more steps may be required. The payment system may require an additional confirmation from the user. Also, in this case, some fee for the services of an intermediary (your electronic payment system) is added to the top-up amount.